Join the board of AIGA El Paso Chapter 69!


Are you interested in working to promote El Paso’s creative community and helping others? As we move closer to a new year, AIGA El Paso Chapter 69 is looking for new board members! Joining the board of AIGA El Paso Chapter 69 is a great way to network with other creatives, contribute your knowledge and experience to the community, and have fun. Please read through the open positions and submit your resume to with a cover letter. Let us know why you’d be the best fit for the position you’re interested in!

These positions are all voluntary and require a time commitment for board meetings, chapter meetings, committee meetings, and administrative tasks.

The President oversees and guides the development of the Chapter, ensuring that Chapter activities are in alignment with the AIGA mission. He/she provides leadership for the Board of Directors and the membership at large. The president supervises the daily administration of the Chapter including financial and communications management and interface with the national office.
Responsibilities include:

Define and guide direction of the Chapter with input by Board and Membership

Oversee board directors/chairs programming events to troubleshoot issues and ensure successful execution

Serve as point of contact with AIGA’s national office to update and coordinate all relevant information

Participate in a monthly call with all Chapter Presidents to address overall chapter management

Write annual report and submit to the national office

Keep Chapter Affiliation in good standing

Lead/moderate all Board meetings and annual Chapter Board Retreat

Share financial responsibility for the Chapter with Financial Director and other leading financial review

Vice President

The Vice President works directly with the President in maintaining the vision and direction of the Board of Directors. The Vice President assists the President in running Board meetings and preparing an agenda. The Vice President splits time with the President to be available to different committees, as needed.

Responsibilities include:

Preparing external communications from the Board

Performing or supervising specific duties agreed upon by the Executive Board and/or included in the Chapter bylaws (i.e., soliciting election nominations, assisting with the Advisory Committee)

Leading special initiatives for the chapter or overseeing Board roles and development


The Treasurer provides oversight for all financial related material for the Chapter. He/She works closely with the President and other board members for any expense related items to ensure that each event has a budget and stays within that budget. Works closely with the Board to create revenue-generating strategies for our Chapter.

Responsibilities include:

Develop and manage Chapter budgets
Maintain Chapter bookkeeping and complete the Chapter’s tax preparation Manage Chapter’s liability insurance
Provide reimbursements for approved Chapter-related expenses


The Secretary facilitates communications within the Board. He/She acts as a historian/archivist for the Chapter, records meeting minutes and oversees all Chapter documentation. Responsibilities include: Develop and manage strategies and initiatives to facilitate smooth communication within the Board, record Board meeting minutes and post to Basecamp, manage and facilitate a monthly “between meetings” Board update, manage and maintain all Chapter documents, archive all Chapter materials.

Responsibilities include:

Preparing and disseminating internal communications for the Board (i.e., meeting minutes, Committee reports and Chapter retreat information)

Serving as a liaison between the Executive Board and individual Board members; Proofreading Chapter communications and promotional materials
Recording and documenting Chapter business (election results, minutes, bylaws, etc.)

Membership Director

The Membership Director oversees the growth of our Chapter’s membership. He/She is responsible for encouraging new memberships, as well as, helping with the needs of our existing membership.
Responsibilities include:

Developing strategies and initiatives for Chapter growth Communicate benefits of AIGA membership
Manage event registration and event check-in table Monitor new members and make introductions

Present a membership report at each Board meeting.

Education Coordinator

The Education Coordinator promotes and expands regional student and faculty participation in the design community, serving as a liaison between AIGA National, AIGA El Paso and Student Group Faculty Advisors. Duties may include coordinating Faculty Advisors and their Student Groups, arranging studio tours, related educational activities; keeping records of contact information for each Student Group’s leadership; submitting reports about current activities of each Student Group, as well as Chapter events or activities related to education. Present an Education report at each Board meeting.

Communication Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for keeping our membership and community informed about the happenings of the Chapter and AIGA. He/She oversees all outgoing Chapter communications from printed materials to web content to social media. The Events Coordinator relies heavily on the Communications Coordinator to properly promote upcoming Chapter events. Duties may include managing a communication strategy/schedule for the Chapter, coordinate with the Web Coordinator to plan and execute effective marketing for each event and oversee, update and maintain content on the Chapter’s website. Manage Chapter’s eBlasts, eNewsletter, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook group/page, and Flickr account. Present a Communication report at each Board meeting.

Event Coordinator

The Events Coordinator works with all Board members to plan an annual calendar that reflects the Chapter’s activities. He/She develops and produces quality and profitable programming; works closely with fellow board members to produce successful programs; oversee planning of events, particularly establishing and tracking of event budgets (work with the Treasurer), and time management; and assist in securing speakers, sponsors and venues when needed.  Duties may include guiding the direction of the Chapter’s Events, work with Treasurer to develop and oversee event-related budgets, develop an event schedule for the year, lead/moderate a biannual Events meeting, create an event summary for each event. Present an Event report at each Board meeting.

Web Director

The Web Director is responsible for managing and maintaining our Chapter’s website. He/She continually seeks new ways to improve the member experience via the website.

Responsible for producing and sending Chapter eBlasts or eNewsletters, manage schedule of blasts.

Student Group Director

The Student Groups Director provides support and guidance to schools in starting and maintaining AIGA student groups. He/She acts as the liaison between the student groups and our Chapter, facilitating communication and collaboration. The Student Groups Coordinator works closely with the Education Coordinator to provide student-focused events/initiatives in our student community.

By aigaelpaso
Published December 2, 2015
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